Episode-1436- Listener Feedback for 9-29-14

TweetToday on the Survival Podcast I take your comments, questions and thoughts on ISIS, government spying, standardized tests, homeschooling, education, lies in the media and more. Make sure if you submit content for a feedback show that you put something … Continue reading →

How School Choice Saves Money

Jason Bedrick School choice programs expand educational opportunity, but at what cost? Opponents of school choice frequently claim that vouchers and scholarship tax credits “siphon” money from public schools and increase the overall cost of education to the taxpayers. However, these critics generally fail to consider the reduction in expenses associated with students switching out of the district school system, wrongly assuming that all or most school costs are fixed. When students leave, they claim, a school cannot significantly reduce its costs because it cannot cut back on its major expenses, like buildings, utilities, and labor. But if that were true, then schools would require little to no additional funds to teach additional students. A proper fiscal analysis considers both the diverted or decreased revenue as well as the reduction in expenses related to variable costs. …

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